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Often dubbed the “Land of Opportunity,” Australia is recognised as one of the fastest growing advanced economies in the world. It is also expected to experience a stronger economic growth in year 2013-2014 with a slew of employment opportunities occurring across all industries. Due to growth and the need to replace workers who retire or change jobs, some industries offer very good opportunities for skilled people. Here are 5 high-demand jobs in Australia right now.


1. IT security specialists

 IT is one sector where there will be no shortage of jobs. It is apparently the area of work in demand because all government departments, major commercial hubs and important institutes in Australia are currently upgrading their existing technology to new and sophisticated software programs. So it is easy to understand the reason why the IT work has increased considerably. Among the hottest jobs in the IT sector are IT security specialists, whose job involves a high degree of stress. They maintain the security of all information stored on a company's computers and servers to prevent damage from a variety of threats. Additionally, they have to monitor employee access to programs or information, as well as communicate with employees about security issues.

2. Medical professionals

Australia’s healthcare industry is steadily growing and experts have even predicted that there will be more than 3 million jobs in this sector by the year 2018. When the population of the country continues to age, the demand for Health services increases. As a result, the demand for medical professionals has risen substantially, offering a lot of employment opportunities in this ever flourishing industry.

3. Steel construction workers

Construction is one of the industries with the highest demand for skilled workers in Australia, a very attractive destination for people wanting a successful and stable career. The demand for steel construction workers is rising considerably due to the ongoing construction of large projects as well as the need to rehabilitate, maintain and replace a number of older bridges.

4. Teachers

Teaching in Australia is an increasingly desirable option for many people in the education sector. Along with IT security specialists, medical professionals and steel construction workers, teachers are also in high demand in this country. Secondary school teachers, in particular, are among those who see such a growth in demand.

5. Accountants

Despite the recent economic downturn, there is a more huge demand for accountants in Australia. A number of areas that require accounting expertise such as transparent costing and addressing climate change problems via carbon audits mean even greater demand by industry for the accounting professional. To be an accountant, who can help keep companies on track and make better financial and strategic decisions, you need to have numerical ability along with a head for fine print and legislation.

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